Interesting new set of accessories with regular lines. The new SQUARE series presents with sobriety and elegance of simple forms and elegance linessober regular lines, to suit the needs of those who appreciate clean lines and square.

Main Feature: no visible screws

Other features:

  • • Hinge body cast CNC finished, the remaining parts machining.
  • • Cover brass only on one side to cover the screws that attach the hinge to the glass plate.
  • • Correction of the wing angle of ± 10 ° to the mounting is completed.
  • • Seals adhesive to facilitate the positioning of the hinge on the glass plate.
  • • Angle of rotation of +90 ° and -90 °. With snap to 0 ° and -90 ° and +90 ° retainer and automatic return to the zero position in the last 40 °


Available finishes: chrome, like stainless steel

All products of the SQUARE series have the brand LOGLI MASSIMO inside them