La Pensilina - ETA

La Pensilina: the very first canopy system, with no glass cut out required, to get the ETA!

We have always been committed to bring technological and performing products on the market; including systems that helps designers developing their projects.
This is why La Pensilina passed all the tests to obtain the ETA (European Technical Assessment), a voluntary document that contains the performance of a construction product.
ETA is a document that certifies the use of this product in the specified field of applications, assessing its safety and performance in all conditions (snow, wind, traction, shocks).
The procedure for obtaining the ETA is very strict and involves a series of tests on the product, conducted at the laboratory of Politecnico di Milano:
- Static load resistance (snow overload).
- Resistance to static equivalent lifting load (wind action).
- Resistance to impact of soft body and hard body.
- Post-breakage resistance of the glass.
- Resistance to slab extraction.

From now on, there is one more reason to choose La Pensilina!