Laboratorio per verifica strutture vetrate

The technical office and the test laboratory

All our highly technological solutions are able to address the needs of glassworks, installers, designers, interior decorators.
Not only that: thanks to our laboratory and a specialised engineering team, we design and produce entirely customised solutions. The skills and expertise of our professional staff allow us to provide a constant and high level technical consultancy and to hold training courses for our customers.
In 2010 Logli Massimo, in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Florence established the L.I.S.VET: Laboratory of Engineering of Glass Structures. A real laboratory equipped with machinery for experimental verification of glazed structures and fixing accessories. The tests are not carried out only within the company, but also at the most important accredited bodies. The tests carried out at Istituto Giordano, TÜV Italia, CSTB Paris and LSL Monaco represent an assurance of quality for customers.