Quality guarantee

In 2010 Logli Massimo S.p.A. established L.I.S. Vet (Laboratory of Engineering of the Glass Structures) in cooperation with the College of Engineering of the University of Florence. It is a laboratory situated by our company fitted out a unique machinery in the world and equipped for experimental tests of the glass structures and UV fixing accessories. The University provides not only an important technical-scientific contribution, but also, as super partes authority, guarantees impartiality of the technical tests. Logli Massimo S.p.A. carries out many tests by more qualified corporations, in order to support the results obtained by our internal laboratory with international recognitions. The tests of Institute Giordano and TÜV Italia permit to verify the conformity of the products to the rules in force. Evaluation tests regarding the resistance of the glass balustrades are conducted by the Laboratories CSTB in Paris. Our systems for balustrades are even in compliance with the English rule BS 6180:2011 and shortly we’ll have available tests reports of the laboratories Ift Rosenheim carried out on the basis of German guidelines TRAV and of the rule DIN 18008.